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if you're into pinecone fanfiction does that make you a firry

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Strap in, boys. Cuz where we're going, it's illegal to not wear seatbelts

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This account is now devoted to Angry Birds fan theories.

I wish Cat Stevens would just get it over with and admit that he wrote "Cat's in the Cradle"

I know if I'm being too loud when the cat's ears go back.

Face masks are required now, but what if I put on one of those feed masks? Like, for horses? With food in it obviously

If you nerds don't like something in a piece of software, why not just computer hack it with your nerd brains? Maybe program the software to be different. Did you think of that?

Making a tinder account but every photo is just a different hole I punched in the wall

"I've never been owned online!" I screamed at the pedestrians on the street above through the sewer grate slots

When I'm president, you'll be able to put pizza in the microwave and it won't taste like shit

@ElfLord *anime villain laugh* You think you can defeat me?

All right. Which one of you ad wizards is gonna invent a pill to get rid of sleeping?

I would eat peanut butter & jelly sandwiches every day if it was legal

Old people be typing into google like, “Dear, I would like to see your cutest funny cat pictures. Sincerely, Dorothy.”

Java Installation Assistant
Java Installation Assistant helps Java keep Java up to date - on more than 50,000 lava lamps worldwide. Java Installation Assistant ensures your computer is ALWAYS installing Java

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Java Detected. Java must Install Java before Java can be removed then installation will continue

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Wait Please...
Downloading must file before finished. Java

Download is download

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Java Installation

Java runs on more than 880,000 million stereos and smartelligent drinks fountains worldwide.

By installing Java, you agree to experience the power of Java

there is an exactly 24-hour period in which avocados are edible. if you miss your window, then you have to throw them away and try again

my cat is always sitting on my keyboard trying to guess my password, but turns out it's not the letter h repeated 27 times

10,000 whole grains and seeds. It is basically just birdseed molded into the shape of a slice of bread

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