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My top 13 favorite albums of all time:

#1 Pet Sounds by the beach boys
#2 Yeezus by kanye west
#3 Good Kid Ma.a.d. City by kendrick lamar
#4 The White Album by the beatles
#5 The Emancipation of Mimi by mariah carey
#6 Artpop by lady gaga
#7 H.E.R. by h.e.r.
#8 Back to Black by amy winehouse
#9 Lust for Life by lana del rey
#10 The Magic Garden by The Fifth Dimension
#11 Starboy by the weeknd
#12 Future Nostalgia by dua lipa
#13 Glee: The Music, The Complete Season One by glee cast

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In case you missed it...

I interviewed the elusive @snakeboy, where I grilled him on his secret life. He's never doing another interview again (because I threatened him), so be sure to check it out:

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*looks at cat*

I wish I could lick my own back.

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who the fuck is screaming "get an anime avatar" at my house. show yourself coward, I will never get an anime avatar

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engage me in conversation to enjoy such classics as "haha yeah" and "lmao"

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*opens hallmark card*

Sorry for misgendering your cat.

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the uk has shrubs that smell like literal shit and the us has their cum trees. isn't nature delightful

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The Post in Post Office actually stands for


This is a cool looking house to me. I would live in it if it wasn't like $8 million.

SOrry for all the 🔥 takes.

Just one more opinion: I think we should keep the children safe.

I'm here. I'm here, and I'm ready to talk about important things like God and Jesus.

What if I turned out on here to in reality be a 90 year old woman who has had a lot of work done?

I think the only tech thing I really like is spotify even though sometimes it doesn't work, most of the time it works fine.

Same thing with evernote even though sometimes it won't sync from my phone to my laptop and I don't know why because I'm 90 years old.

I secretly love weird houses like this and would totally want to live in one if it wasn't $400 a month to heat or cool.

I'm having a good time being online right now.

Remember that song where Whitney Houston starts out singing like the first minute a capella and then lands on the right note when the music comes in like it's no problem?

That was awesome.

When I go in nature and move my body, it cures me of all my problems and makes me feel normal again with enough exposure.

I wonder if there are other people who experience this kind of thing when spending a lot of time in nature.

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