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Here is the comedy short story I wrote today. I would be honored if anyone read it. I would scream.


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How to earn the respect of men:

1.) Give a big belch. That way, they know you're one of the guys.
2.) Talk about boobs. I don't know what specifically about them. But just say the word, "boobs" at some point in the conversation.
3.) Grab a cold one (slang for "beer"). Be sure to call it, "a cold one" and not, "beer." Men can see right through that.
4.) Do NOT say I love you right away. Sprinkle rose petals and light some candles first.

If you think about it, no one can truly fuck

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motion to change "Federated" to "Fedora Ted" all in favor say "aye"

i want to end all suffering and i also want a decent philly cheesesteak

someone in my office just yelled "yay for commerce!" and my soul is holding on by a thin thread

everybody give yourself a hand today, you're doing great so far

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Cuddlr: Tinder, but specifically for cuddles

Does anyone else get phantom smells sometimes that last a long time like days? I can't even place the smells. Well one time I did. It was burned toast with peanut button melted on it.

"Me britches! Me britches!" - some British person somewhere probably

@ElfLord @cat_sound is wiped out and i'm eating beans ! i'll get on when i'm done


romantic date idea!!!!

feed ur partner paint

I am definitely not ruining my career by tooting β€œif you’re happy and you know it crap your pants.”

getting my own show on the travel channel next year where i visit different home depots and taste their paint

Just noticed everyone on this boat is drunk off their ass.