husband: "wow, I can get a linux laptop for half the price of the equivalent mac"
me: "yeah, the only downside is it doesn't work"

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@ElfLord Yeah, but think of all the time I can spend configuring it

@nolan @ElfLord alright, I'll bite; doesn't work for what... gaming, no.... ok what can't it do that a Mac can?

@nolan @ElfLord haha i occasionally entertain the idea of getting a linux laptop, but the last thing i need is another hobby

Half the price? Where can you get such a cheap mac?

@ElfLord gosh i want to interject for a moment and tell you that what you are referring to as Linux is actually GNU/Linux,

but i like to pretend i know better 😂🙄

@ElfLord I'd fave your toot, but my computer doesn't work, so I can't. ;-)

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