What year did you first get the internet?

@ElfLord Started with a trial SLIP dial-up account through a local BBS back in 1994.

@GoatsLive I think my friend's mom had that. She was super into fantasy baseball.

@ElfLord We had all the available "Doors" multiplayer games like Trade Wars, all in wonderful 8 bit ANSI graphics!

@ElfLord Wasn’t sure how to vote, I just picked 90s cause I was born then and I don’t remember a time without the internet

@ElfLord using my dad's work computer to go to

@ElfLord I was late to the Internet because I was early to phone systems.

@ElfLord I snuck some internets during the 1980s from some unsuspecting art students at a local university with poor password assignment policies, but didn't really have internet of my very own until I started building an ISP in 1994.

@ElfLord we hijacked the public school's SLIP connection in 92, full net access followed in 93 when I talked myself into an internship at the ISP that had just set up shop. First thing I searched for was the KLF, which landed me on, which led me to the Principia Discordia.

@ElfLord i don't remember not having internet, but i know my parents got it in the 90s after they moved (i was technically alive, just a literal dumb baby)

i do remember having dial-up, but not for very long

@ElfLord parents had compuserve before moving to prodigy for full internet in 93 or 94. Or maybe it was the other way around

It was too damn expensive around here in the 90s. Didn't get it until the 2000s

@ElfLord University CS dept got me access in 1989, hundreds of us on half of a 56k line (other half was some other department's). Got my own in '92 when I could no longer dial up CS modems. Email, USENET, FTP, & Gopher were just fine.

But I'd been dialing up local & national BBS's since '83.
#bbs #internet

@ElfLord somewhere between 1993 and 1994. Initially through a BBS door and later with ppp dial-up access over Windows 3.11 with the usual software (Trumpet Winsock, Netscape).

Mostly the push to move came from the BBS scene being slowly killed by FTP and the nascent WWW that offered access to systems with files and graphical pages like a BBS did but without the limitation of how many phone lines it had available.

Also accessing foreign systems at the price of a local phone call was really cool.

@ElfLord At the library I found flyers for an Internet Club that offered access to the Internet for a small membership fee. As the other way was AOL with pay per min, it was cheaper. Had to learn a bit if Linux to make things work, which was cool. The first phone bill was still atrociously high (no flatrates).

@ElfLord '84.
Actually I had access for a week to whatever superminimal usenet there might have been in 1980 in my first computer coursework but there is no way I grasped what it was nor would I have gotten anything out of it

@ElfLord "the internet" or a computer talking over the phone line? i didn't get PPP until about '91

@ElfLord Would internet access at university count? That was 1996, but at home it took until 2001.


I voted assuming that BBSes don't count, although Fidonet was a *huge* network.

I got email in 1993 (via a BBS!) and full internet access in 1994 when I moved to uni.

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