In case you missed it...

I interviewed the elusive @snakeboy, where I grilled him on his secret life. He's never doing another interview again (because I threatened him), so be sure to check it out:

@MrJimmy @snakeboy omg @MrJimmy... That is such a high compliment coming from you because you are very funny!! 🍾

@MrJimmy @snakeboy This is a fantastic idea... @007 would you be down? You can say no, N O P R E S S U R E

@ElfLord @snakeboy genuinely thought snakeboy would sound like milhouse and I'm quaking in my boots rn

@caymanwent @snakeboy *shrill yelling* You are making me so happy right now!

@healyn @ElfLord healyn, what are you doing here, what is this? even as a joke, come on now

@healyn @snakeboy His mom and dad met and fell in love in Australia.

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