How did you hear about mastodon?

Really surprised by how many people Eugen has called.

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@ElfLord which do I choose if it's actually tweets/not-tech blog posts?

@ElfLord personally invited to this instance by an online friend

🔘 I don't remember, but probably on Twitter

Other: I followed a migration from Twitter in 2018...

Somebody told me. I'm missing that option, so News it is.😜

@ElfLord I guess the closest is Eugen called me, as HBomb was the one who told Eugen to change the button to Toot

@wolfie @ElfLord when did HBomberguy mention Mastodon/Fediverse?

@ElfLord I was looking for a Tumblr alternative but, at first sight, Diaspora* looked too elitarian so I stopped here

@ElfLord Saw a friend's tweets start showing up with CWs and tracked it back.

@ElfLord I followed the Helldude, I think? I dunno, someone from Twitter

@ElfLord Saw a posting on Twitter aka hellsite about it, came over here, fell in love, and set up shop. ^.^

@ElfLord hi yes I'd like to vote for " @nolan shouted it from the mountain tops & I just do whatever he says"

@nick @ElfLord Shouting from mountain tops is an effective marketing strategy

On the Tumbls during the Great Tumblr Trashfire of 2018 as an alternative to Tumblr. Cheaper than Pillowfort, but I haven't really found anyone to follow here sadly.

@ElfLord it was a couple of years ago in a Linux and free/oss software meetup. I signed up to get my usual handle; but I t’s still hard to move here from twitter, though.

@ElfLord I saw the link on the profile of someone

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