How did you hear about mastodon?

Really surprised by how many people Eugen has called.

@ElfLord ○ Some gay antifa dogs talked about it on hellsite

@ElfLord which do I choose if it's actually tweets/not-tech blog posts?

@ElfLord personally invited to this instance by an online friend

🔘 I don't remember, but probably on Twitter

Other: I followed a migration from Twitter in 2018...

Somebody told me. I'm missing that option, so News it is.😜

@ElfLord I guess the closest is Eugen called me, as HBomb was the one who told Eugen to change the button to Toot

@wolfie @ElfLord when did HBomberguy mention Mastodon/Fediverse?

@ElfLord I was looking for a Tumblr alternative but, at first sight, Diaspora* looked too elitarian so I stopped here

@ElfLord Saw a friend's tweets start showing up with CWs and tracked it back.

@ElfLord I followed the Helldude, I think? I dunno, someone from Twitter

@ElfLord Saw a posting on Twitter aka hellsite about it, came over here, fell in love, and set up shop. ^.^

@ElfLord hi yes I'd like to vote for " @nolan shouted it from the mountain tops & I just do whatever he says"

@nick @ElfLord Shouting from mountain tops is an effective marketing strategy

@ElfLord I was just searching online for twitter alternatives and found some tech blog articles that had lists. Picked Masto after scoping out everything on the lists.

On the Tumbls during the Great Tumblr Trashfire of 2018 as an alternative to Tumblr. Cheaper than Pillowfort, but I haven't really found anyone to follow here sadly.

@ElfLord The webpage of an opensource software project (I think it was Ubuntu, but I don't remember).

@ElfLord it was a couple of years ago in a Linux and free/oss software meetup. I signed up to get my usual handle; but I t’s still hard to move here from twitter, though.

@ElfLord I saw the link on the profile of someone

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