Today I interviewed the inventor of Pinafore, @nolan. We had a blast. Pinafore is a web client for mastodon (our favorite website platform).

@nolan The link to pinafore is and you put it in the URL web browser thing.

@ElfLord This is exactly how I read your posts in my head and I absolutely love this thank you so much you are a gem in this thing we call the fediverse.

Thank you for the Pinafore @nolan

@ElfLord I'm quoting this and printing it out and pinning it on my fridge so I can always remember it

@shadow8t4 I'm doing the same with your post. I'm nailing it to the fridge with a hammer and nail.

@shadow8t4 So THIS is what art is? *throws macaroni necklace out the window*

@ElfLord @nolan I listened to this on , my favourite Mastodon client.

Does this audio file mean you are a pobsclaster now?

@ShanShen @nolan haha I hope I'm not a pobsclaster now. But then again, I could add it to my resume and impress everyone.

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