drug thing 

@snakeboy hey can you tell me when I get to the part where I'm not bored out of my fucking mind with life and start feeling like the reward part of my brain isn't dead forever?

It's been 30 days as of today that I stopped smoking weed completely and I want to throw myself dramatically out a window.

drug thing 

@ElfLord holy shit I didn't realise it was 30 days now big congrats, and I can only really speak for alcohol really cos I still smoke weed like every day. 30 days isn't much compared to how many you've spent stoned but is a long time so hopefully not much longer :(

drug thing 

@snakeboy Thank you very much, that means a lot to me hearing that from you because you've got much more time under your belt. My therapist said the same thing as you so I guess I'll just try to trust you guys are telling me the truth. I'll keep trying to go without it but some days I really, really want to break down and go back to it. Especially when I get frustrated or in a negativity spiral.

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