I like the idea of doing a late night twitch channel stream every night like a late night talk show. Except I'm playing minecraft and swearing freely.

@ElfLord "Okay gotta get some diamond, pretty sure I'm at the right level and - oh fucking shit TWO creepers okay, let me just - DAMN IT a skeleton no no no shit I just fell in lava FUCK FUCK NONONO *themesong plays, cuts to commercial*"

@breakfastgolem lmao This is just plain the truth. Every time I speedrun minecraft I die like, instantly in a really avoidable way.

@ElfLord I've tried to play the new update three times and I've died before I've ever seen the new stuff.

@breakfastgolem Oh you're not missing much this update. It's 1.18 that's going to fuck our shit up. That's when the caves get t h i c c.

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