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ElfLord πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ .🐴 @ElfLord

Wonder what @Gargron's up to right now. Probably helping an old lady cross the street or having a good dream.

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@ElfLord @Gargron he's ignoring my amazing idea of turning mastodon into a casino

@SarcasmKid @Gargron I'm sold. You're really good at selling things to me. You have a promising career as a cashier in your future.

@SarcasmKid me too haha it sucked I was really good at it though

@ElfLord @Gargron this is the best fucking toot ive ever seen

@jk @Gargron I'm honored to hear that from you. It's like I just got a medal. πŸ₯‡

@ElfLord @Gargron it's so good. it's transcendent. it expresses something i've never seen expressed before

@jk @Gargron Wow thank you. I was just thinkin about a buddy.

@ElfLord @Gargron im hoping to make my own toots this succinct one day

@jk @Gargron You do though. You really do. "EGGS! EGGS! EGGS!" is my favorite joke of all time on mastodon. And that was succinct. So... you win. You won 🎷 🐴

@007 thank you @007. Thank you for your kind words and sage advice.