Album art for my pop covers album I'm putting together for real. It's named, "Puking Up Glitter".

Ok I know it was not needed exactly, but look at these colors, they're beautiful

Jack Handey, my favorite comedy writer, is 72 years old and still writing pieces for the New Yorker all the time. I wish I could write a fraction as good as him.

This is a cool looking house to me. I would live in it if it wasn't like $8 million.

I secretly love weird houses like this and would totally want to live in one if it wasn't $400 a month to heat or cool.

I just spent way too long on this minecraft house but it turned out nice look


damn those burgers must be really fucking good

Today I interviewed the inventor of Pinafore, @nolan. We had a blast. Pinafore is a web client for mastodon (our favorite website platform).

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