I'm not kidding there were 20 horses to name, after a while you see what you come up with ok ??

I named all my horses today and there were 20 horses

MAJOR flex right now with the mending enchanting books double chest I got from my mending librarian

Here's some half ugly enchanting room I made and all those double chests are filled with enchanted books I got from librarians

Here's a storage area that's shaped like a plus sign and it has a double chest for every item in the game

The first message is from me and the second is my dad

*driving with a friend in the car*
me: Is that a graveyard?
friend: No, it's an orchard.
me: *yelling at the trees* So many young lives lost! And at what cost??

My 2019 top artists and songs I listened to the most LOL

selfie, ec 

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