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ElfLord πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ .🐴 @ElfLord@freedom.horse

"Lets just like get rid of the government and like sit around and smoke weed like yeah man"

@SarcasmKid That must be nice. Just travellin' through in your car. Grabbing baguettes from people's baskets out the car window the whole time.

@SarcasmKid haha I've been to France 3 times. And you're right: the cheese and bread are good.

*extremely dewgong voice*


@SarcasmKid omg that's a really high level. Dragonite is a badass.

I wonder if @Gargron has fav notifications turned off and all my favs are in vain.

@SarcasmKid I used twitter for jokes but I posted much less because people would attack there. They'd attack like a wild pokemon.

Here's some normal text. Here's some more normal text. And here's the punchline.

@SarcasmKid Did you ever post on twitter before mastodon? Was it like it is on mastodon how you like to post and everything?

I'm currently writing food blog posts where I cook and rate and review all the recipes in the Better Homes & Gardens New Cook Book 16th Edition.

It's really fun to write the blog posts. I'm just having a blast.

@TroglodyteMike @Ocean22 if your shower doesnt result in the literal end of life as we know it it's lame

@Ocean22 @TroglodyteMike as someone with an iq in the negatives i dont know what this post says

honestly you could just slap some whipped cream & sprinkles on some fuckin radioactive waste and id be like Oh Hell Yeah and eat it without hesitation

@officialcjunior Yeah like going on mastodon and listening to Lady Gaga.

Hi I just woke up fully rested and it is 2am.