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ElfLord πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ .🐴 @ElfLord@freedom.horse

is the hairy yelling monkey guy who drives the flying saucer with indiana jones an actual bigfoot?

remember: whenever there's trouble, a ninja Turtle will be there to protect you

sorry i can’t come to your birthday party. i have to stay home and update my privacy policy.

i have my clothes made on a loom by exquisite boys

how do some people enjoy life? We Just Don't Know

@nikita That's a great idea! I've been doing it all wrong. Working on something obsessively until I burn out, probably. That's so cool you want to see my art thank you, I'm honored. I gotta find it brb

The London Underground is one of the great wonders old the world. Where do these trains go? To this day, no one knows

Captain Picard sounds like a french last name. I bet he was french.

the wired part of this joke is left as an exercise to the reader.

@MightyPork Did you accidentally paste the Gettysburg Address into terminal?

@bugpaws @toilettrouble What is with people in the show throwing away their pets?? There outta be a law.

@ElfLord no, shredder is the bad guy, splinter is the flushed rat

The mom flushed shredder. He ended up in a sewer. He touched bad green glowing toxic waste that was radioactive. He became a big rat. Met some turtles. Next thing you know? He's the master now.

@ElfLord who drives the flying saucer with indiana jones