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@snakeboy Maybe you should move away from an island way the fuck north.


Lately I've been working on my minecraft tutorial series for youtube and making travel itineraries for my travel website. It's been a total blast. I feel personally, emotionally fulfilled when I get to produce something creative. It's like, the best feeling in the world.

I love the feeling of working morning to night without many breaks and then burning out on a project, and moving on to the next one, doing the same damn thing.

I'm really glad 26 people participated in this very important poll. I'm submitting it to Gallup Polls.

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@snakeboy Wow you're ready to be a music producer! Make a demo

If I get a bike, will I fall off it and never ride it again?

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@snakeboy You should go to a doctor. Lucky for you, I am a doctor. A witch doctor.

@snakeboy I just want to say I'm really proud of you for riding a bike.

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@breakfastgolem @snakeboy We'll be hearing from your lawyers for fence slander.

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How would you feel if someone wrote a song about you ...but it’s about how good you can make your ass clap?

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