Why does everyone hate Elon Musk? Is it because he wasnt funny on SNL? Because I could get behind that.

So which one of the fantasies was final?

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if i were morpheus i would simply get to the point

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if there's a masto meetup i'm going to bring a ball-pit

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@ElfLord we should build a very big garden hose and transport oil to mars that way

@finn how much oil does earth have? Enough to colonize mars and earth? We should figure that part out too.

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i think we should terraform mars
"but what about the lack of magnetosphere"
the what

@Leftcel_Infilitrator THANK YOU. I have sage? Amazing. You have awakened the princess.

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Kohlrabi is like, “What if you were really into broccoli stems”

@breakfastgolem I just did it but I can't do it on command. It's just a spontaneous Bart.

I did a lot of improv comedy as a kid. Not of that either.

Welcome to Elf's Night of a Thousand Not Proud Moments

If you don't say "yes and..." you're not doing improv comedy right.

@snakeboy Is your avatar milhouse because you are a secret nerd inside?

I have a few laughs. One of them is my Bart Simpson laugh and I'm not proud of it.

If you can guess the herbs, you awake a princess from a deep slumber and she marries you.

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Just kidding. I'm not so rich I would have a front lawn.

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