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the federated timeline but every time anyone is gay it gets faster


hi you're all very funny and attractive

The stream's got 4 people and only one is doing that

I'm watching a stream and I could really do without the loud screaming reactions

I'm in Skyrim doing Dark Brotherhood things

Mastodon is finally done being invented. We can all go home now.

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@Gargron (this isn't sarcastic) How do you always have something to work on, on Mastodon? Isn't it done? Everything works great.

people keep telling new people to use cws and put their pronouns in their bio but tbh when i came to masto it was the first time i saw a platform do that nearly as often as tumblr did. like thatโ€™s not where theyโ€™re gonna have issues probably

ok i'm just jokeing.

anyway, tumblr people we tried really hard to make a place where you can talk to people without instantly being considered in bad faith, leading to an early cancellation.

try to shake the preconceived notions of how you're supposed to act online and give people a chance on here. you're likely to find people you can consider actual friends as opposed to assholes on the internet.


welcome tumblr users post your fucking social security number

I remember Tumblr. I used to reblog (?) romantic gifs of things like people kissing.

I am sorry to whoever designed this but this is the ugliest home page I've ever seen in my life.

we're here
we're queer
we appreciate the cool refreshing flavor of light beer

Well guys, that's it. I'm finally caught up on the federated timeline. We can all go home now.

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This is a place to go when you want FREEDOM.

Get things off your chest. Share your secrets with strangers. Scream into the abyss. Tell filthy jokes. Make a joke at all. <3