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best thing about limewire was installing the free version then only using it to pirate limewire pro

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look ok i know it's not 'PC' to say this, but we all know the only reason anyone liked bernie sanders is because he's smokin hot, and horny men thought if they pretended to like socialism he might take his shirt off on facebook live

@jordyd *walking up to a baby* Let me tell you about being a baby...

*Rubbing tangerines in my hair frantically*

fucking turn real ornge already!

*crawls inside the large hadron collider* fuck off I live hear now. *I hiss at the scientists tryna hit me with a broom* FUK OFFF

Sorry guys I just named my firstborn that too.

Hi I'm kind of you always quoting Ayn Rand.

*careens off a cliff and tumbles down violently until I reach the bottom of the ocean*
me: I meant to do that.

I miss the days when people weren't grown in vats, and the birds were still real.

i miss the days when we could look up to the sky without dodging the shards of glass hurled down by vengeful clouds

in this world it's either shid or be shidded

RimWorld has taught me that in a post-apocalyptic future thereโ€™s a high probability of huskies showing up at our hypothetical camp and just deciding we were their family now

My favorite character from Sesame Street was Big Bird's friendโ€ฆ Humpalumpakiss

Every time you drink poison, follow it up with a shot of milk

Some people say I'm crazy. Other people say, "ElfLord put down the hot poker, nobody said you're crazy."

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