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@ElfLord it was ketchup in the original anime they just fucked up the translation

Why was Ash's last name "Ketchum" when he didn't really catch that many pokemon at all?

The illustrious and renowned @ElfLord has done it again, this time with a portrait of yours truly.

(marked NSFW for implied nudity)

*sees a hot babe an the propeller on my beanie spins so fast it lifts me off the ground*

โ€œWOAG, ong horse religionsโ€ โ€” @ElfLord

Bold move for Campbell'sยฎ to release a new bass boosted nightcore remix of their iconic condensed tomato soup but I hope it works out for them. They seem like a great company

They should make bicycle commercials the way they make car commercials

I'm a respectable member of society. I've only been in the back of a police van twice and I don't remember one of those times so that one doesn't really count.

@ElfLord the sequel being the hulk trying to open a jar of pickles

someone make me a new avatar please iโ€™m lazy but i want a new one thanks

shouldn't be allowed to change your avatar on here. It's like going to meet your mates and finding out they've all got completely new faces since you last saw them, fucked up

you wouldn't know it from my account but i actually spend a large amount of my time getting angry about people not collapsing cardboard boxes

found a secret stick of gum hidden under my mousepad from who knows how long ago, so yeah, today is pretty great so far

Why do they still make tv shows? like we already have shitloads, no need

What if there was a feature length film and it's just the Hulk trying to open a carton of milk the whole time.

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