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@ElfLord what if we made it worse instead. that kind of sounds like a good idea

Sorry for all the political stuff I just posted. Iโ€™m woke now. I believe in being kind to people and having some good, clean fun.

I think we should make the government better. I think we should do it for our childrenโ€™s future.

please let me know if i've ever troll'd you im trying to make things right

We can stop making new music now, I think we've done enough.

every day in every way 

He canโ€™t say Go Go gadget fleshlight because itโ€™s inappropriate so he has to say go go little gadget.

this just in, I've been informed that bees are problematic

I have some deep thoughts about Johnny Appleseed I share on here.

There is a small cat in the breakfast area!!

i dont know anyone named William because ive killed every one ive met

I cast spells and every full moon I ride around in the sky on a broomstick.

@ElfLord Australians will wait several minutes for your toots to download

Math is just when you think like real hard about things

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This is a place to go when you want FREEDOM. Get things off your chest. Share your secrets with strangers. Scream into the abyss. Tell filthy jokes. Make a joke at all. <3