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The shroud of turin but it's my face appearing in the sweat patch on the back of my t-shirt after cycling to work

โ€œLil Weigh-in,โ€ the new show from NPR where the hosts voice their opinions on rap music

what's the baby sun god from the teletubbies up to now

logging on like โ€œoh i sure hope nobody tries to explain linux to me...โ€

Drug reference, plus a skeltal 

The only "original character" I need is Debra, my wife of 25 years who I love very much.

I love to meet up with my millennial friends and sit on our phones not speaking to each other, the olds just don't understand

i can't believe eugen created a website

homer simpson and his famous catchphrase, "whoops"

ppl in big cities love making fun of midwesterners while living in a 200 sq ft apartment with 8 roommates, all sleeping in one bed like the grandparents from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

yes im a gamer, yes i have a college degree, and yes i post about pissing and shitting on line. WE EXIST

I did a lot of shit today, time to mine for diamonds, fuckers.

@007 Sorry I can't stop fav'ing and boosting. I'm going to stop faving. Just boosting. From here on out. Only boosting.

crunching into a bath bomb like an apple

I talk to my mom to get philosophical advice. I talk to my dad for a good fart joke.

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