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MAJOR flex right now with the mending enchanting books double chest I got from my mending librarian

Here's some half ugly enchanting room I made and all those double chests are filled with enchanted books I got from librarians

Here's a storage area that's shaped like a plus sign and it has a double chest for every item in the game

I'm going to post a bunch of screenshots of my minecraft world now.

I feel like if I stand up I'm going to fall over. Someone touch me with a feather.

I recorded a minecraft tutorial on how to survive your first night in survival but I haven't finished editing it yet.

IF anyone wants to make some posts on my account my password is my cat's name plus 2 of the 3 stooges names and the numbers 123.

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@ElfLord yeah sometimes you need to break it up and laugh at someone else's computer every few episodes

sorry if I forgot to CW something I haven't been on mastodon in a while and I'm rusty

I would love to have a reality show and would probably be really good at it if it weren't for the fact that it would just be me sitting and laughing at my computer for 24 hours a day.

alc sorry I didn't CW the other toots 

I've been drinking red wine for the first time in ??? Are my lips supposed to be numb??

All right. Which one of you ad wizards is gonna invent a pill to get rid of sleeping?

The chances of me being alive and conscious are astounding, and yet I spend the majority of my time on earth sleeping. Pretty depressing, huh? Anyway, thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

You ever think about consciousness? Man, what are the chances?

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when i was born, the doctors said 'wow, is that like, a small type of person in there? wild. hey, kyle, are you getting this?'

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Wouldn't it be nice to have a group of friends? Just a bunch of friends. All in one room. haha

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