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It’s sad to me all these The Voice winners aren’t super famous because they’re so wildly talented. I really hope they find work.

I’ve been listening to every winner of The Voice’s album from that show and singing my heart out.

If I had nine inch nails I would simply clip them

@ElfLord after a couple of undressings they're no longer strangers

I would feel weird being queen because you have to have someone else do everything for you and that power dynamic makes me uneasy. I bet Queen Elizabeth II thinks about that all the time.

ok right now I’m really into these comedy professionals: @snakeboy, @amateurhour, and @esvrld. Oh and @finn is always a delight.

What if dudes just like, pissed on each other's shoes a little as a sign of respect. A little tinkle. What if that was a thing they did

If you’re the queen you have to be undressed and dressed by servants and no thank you, I don’t want to show a stranger my bits and pieces.

Would you rather be someone who’s humorless or on fire?

Would you rather be a badass or a good ass?

i wouldn't be surprised if it turned out mormons are immune to covid and are keeping it secret

women aren't nearly as impressed with the fact that i used to raid with the US ranked 16th guild in WoW for a few months as they should be. just my imo.

Almost every house on my block has a Biden Harris sign in their yard. Even mine.

I think it’s bullshit I should have to pay taxes on my mansions.

I want this on my tombstone: “She Never Got Old Boobs”

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