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There are worse places to grow up than the real world, y'know?

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In which I end up "watching" Top Gun while writing a quiz and wrapping up chemistry assignments this afternoon and, true to form, absorb nothing save for the volleyball scene

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I've had pretty good luck finding dresses with pockets at thrift stores, such that the majority of them have at least 1 - but get most of my clothing secondhand in the first place, and really only need wallet space

Mmmm, beds are so comfy and good. I'm enjoying the coziness and slowly nodding off to taz.

My GF is very very sleepy, but not awake enough to realize how sleepy she is

She is currently trying to sell me on guild wars 2, and I am currently trying to get her to sleep

Tabletop game where the party is part of a post-first-contact research team for sapient alien species, each party member taking on a different role/representing a different field - big picture mission objectives apply to the whole team, whereas individual goals can conflict between members, and potentially by employer and/or organization.

It's a transparent conceit for solving my 'worlds without stories' 'problem' with GMing.

'Second Contact' has been already used for other things, though, so I don't have a name I like yet.

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Topical benzocaine is a motherfucking blessing

there's sweet potato tempura on the horizon, lads

Also, someONE, not to name any names, sniped the toroids on the 10m low pass filter I was working on! *I* was going to wrap + solder those!

... We have a metric fuckton left to do anyway, so I'll easily get my chance and then some, but still - I don't want to get stuck with the ones that need 105 turns apiece!

vvvvv ended up staying an hour and a half after school to work on the physics HW, and got about halfway through (which is fine, considering it's only "due" Thursday)

But ah, functions and calculus is meant to be completed by tomorrow :,v

Wish me luck, okay? OKAY? OK!

I've started playing ck2 very, very badly

ah, the novel displeasure of having a headache while construction continues next door

'NATURALLY FLAVORED WITH OTHER NATURAL FLAVORS' purports the bottle of seltzer, just, bafflingly.

The house party currently consists of a half-elf druid, tiefling fighter, and gnome cleric

The lab setup is pretty sweet, considering we didn't really have one to begin with

It needs a static mat and actual helping hands, but I'm just - super happy it exists

I saw a whole raccoon nonchalantly bob across a four lane road while the sun was still WELL in the sky, today

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