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D: I've been applying for jobs.
Z: Aren't you only temporarily fired?
D: Yeah, which is why I'm applying for temporary jobs.
Z: ... Who on earth is hiring right now?
D: Hospitals.
Z: Oh. Right. Of course.

I made a savoury split pea soup for lunch :blobmelt:

(... yes, lunch at midnight)

D: What's with the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya avatar?
Z: im overdue for a rewatch
Z: also, haruhi is a wholeass mood.
D: True
Z: (sips coffee in smug anime girl voice)
D: *ara ara intensifies*
Z: precisely

kink and vegetarianism 

it finally happened: i dropped my laptop and now a bar of pixels on the right hand side and bottom are borked

brian david gilbert owns maryland state flag sport shorts and im envious

i want a pair

... A friend is trying to teach me how to keysmash. His efforts have, thus far, proven futile.

I now, deeply, understand why dogs look forward to being taken out for walks.

tumblr xpost, the untamed 

untitled goose post 

local gay gets called heterophobic and insists that he can't be, he's dated straight people and some of his best friends are heterosexual

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local gay explains to his best friend why calling minor inconveniences homophobic is funny

"didn't this happen in-" it happened again, and now im getting self-conscious.

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Shoutout to the dude who called my beanie ironic and hipstery.

He was still wrong, I like that gd hat unironically and have no opinion on whether or not I'm a hipster - but I appreciate the audacity.

it's only been a week, but like, perpetual stew is gr9 and hasn't given me food poisoning yet.

Ask me how my stew is doing a week from now, tbh. It's currently good on rice and a reasonable soup base, if you're willing to add other soup ingredients to, uh, actually make it a soup.

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