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... I just realized I originally picked up 'nyello' from Wallace Fucking Wells

Me: Zo, you are cross-contaminating between your maths revision and casual socializing
Also me: But it was a Very Good Joke-

I have *absolutely* called CUT/UTC UST in recent memory.

The unfortunate overlap between speaking english/french... and fanfic.

two bros 

And since it's applications season, there's all that to contend with immediately afterwards - I'm not sure if I can still do early application/acceptance, and aaaaagh there's extra requirements depending on the school and program (my classmates are talking about online interviews and retakeable exams).

It's a 10 days exams and five days until all coursework is due. Imagine my horrified, guttural scream.

The problem with hanging out with someone who also wears all black is that you end up looking like a pepper-pepper set of goths.

Wakey-wakey rise and shine, hilo kilo lash up and stow - dress of the day is number two!

It's EST.

Call it - I'm bad at memes and worse at hashtags, but I can be honest until 11/01/20 UTC.

(wiggles eyebrows) how do you store your cargo?

Anyway, if you want homosocial song recs - I have far, far too many. Is a good song, but I suspect most of its listeners don't realize it's gay.

(Their cover of Bang Bang does not have the same problem, for the obvious reasons -

I might - might - run a trial session of an all-rogue party just for kicks

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gotta admit, "the author doesn't what eating tough dried meat is like" is now, officially, the most niche thing to break my suspension of disbelief

(y'can't, wh. no. that's not how it works! give it a minute!)

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