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My GF made tipsy!me a pokemon card

Behold awful petnames and also bad typesetting, but like, with love

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My old avatar was lacking in gremlin factor, hence the switch

The new/current one was made with

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There are worse places to grow up than the real world, y'know?

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... The one time a guy forgot to card me, I'd already pulled out my ID reflexively and got a "Oh! I should've already asked for that." before he took a moment to check it.

I feel like I'll wake up one day to find out that people have gone from thinking I'm 13 to 35 with no in-between. And then, from 35 to 60. Fits and starts.

I've got a wicked cold and honestly, this ridiculous cucumber mint lip balm is. very nice. one of life's little indulgences. perfect in this moment.

I complain about Christmas stuff showing up early but am gladly eating candy corn before the month of Halloween, so there's an air of hypocrisy to this business.

It's because I said so. Questions of all flavours will be answered in the spirit of until sunday UTC.

Do your worst.

I know 'mufo' is supposed to be 'mutual', but I can't and won't read it as anything except "motherfucker",

or, alternatively, mutherfocker.

i finally got to make a phone/handjob joke and can now retire in peace

I searched yakult, trying to find a generic word for not-yogurt yogurt-y drinks, and got a weirdly specific anti-probiotic-drinks page. It was was half sensible concern about sugar and actual-probiotic-ness and half horseshit... as a transparent ad for the WILDEST probiotic

"for the female biome" sir. SIR. the female biOME.

Treats!! I got pandan cake and off-brand yakult

Real Madrid roped us into taking her astronomy quiz today, apropos nothing. SpaceX fanboy is a troll. We are usually arguing and, so far, I'm usually right.

Quiet guy... is a mystery.

Our physics class is a small horde of goblins and this one quiet guy.

My sister got me into How to Get Away With Murder, just finished the first season :0


morning hugs don't last all day, i need afternoon hugs too! ive acclimatized to regular affection, you know!

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