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Accidentally read "Renowned gay cryptographer Alan Turing" as "Renowned gay cryptid Alan Turing"

I suppose it's in-character that I finally decide to buy my first pair of leggings... because intestines mean jeans hurt s'bad right now

the churning of the worm
the yearning of the worm
the learning of the worm
the earning of the worm
the burning of the worm

I've been both estrogeny and testosteroney on and off for, like, shortish-term amounts of time (months-scale, rather than years, before swapping, and then back again) mostly because I'm bad at medication rather than intentionally-NB hrt tbh

big gross 

i DO complain a lot but i am also seeing my doctor tomorrow, so dont go thinking im not doing anything about all this either

its just that sometimes its 4 am and im immature about my lot

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i might be the only human being ive met who cant eat plain potatoes without my stomach hurting

at a certain point, it's a talent

it is time to kick my little socked feet obnoxiously and whine about how i want a bloody mary

[anime glasses noise] consider... the microwave baked potato

- make plan of 3 places to go, the furthest of which is 10 minutes away
- get up
- put on boots
- put off coat
- get big floofy scarf
- briefly admire self in mirror
- take 2 steps out of door
- nope

this has been headache quest

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We talk about the mortifying ordeal of being known, but my on the other hand, my GF took one look at Mads Mikkelsen and went "I know who'd be into that"

And I think that's beautiful


Can I Not Enjoy The Finer Things In Life?? When did boys in skirts become problematic?? Is this about how clothes don't have an inherent gender? What ELSE am I supposed to file this as???

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Ah... an artist going "don't tag this cis male character in a skirt as crossdressing" catching me in the crossfire is, somehow, A Real Mood for the year, isn't it

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