I've been listening to because it's low-key how I cope.

I don't usually post here, but like, on my umpteenth re-listen, Tim is my fav.

asdf correcting a typo and feeling bad about showing up in someone's notifications again... the fedi mood

sometimes hunger propels me out of bed and im just (offended cat noises) when i know full well ive been procrastinating getting food this whole time

I don't ship Geralt of Rivia with *everyone* but it's a damn near thing.

Inspired by someone mentioning Geralt/Letho on tumblr and me slowly realizing I have half-baked fic plots for most of my rarepairs explaining why I ship 'em.

We are adopting a betta fish! A and me are on tank detail, but all three of us are going to pick out our Fish Friend together when the time comes.

Since A's last fish was named Rough Rider she proposed we name the new one Magnum, but I feel like Crown would be more tasteful.

i want to dip-dye cleaned pistachio shells, seal them, and then hot glue two halves of a shell together to make jangly accent beads for a bead curtain.

I'm not even sorry, guys in lace that show their nipples kills me dead.

Every time another one of my housemates makes an Awful Fucking Joke, they look to the other and say I'm rubbing off on them.

I am the shitty pun person, but like, as soon as someone says "GET OUT, I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT" I respect that and skedaddle.

Once in a while, when one of my housemates come home, I say "Welcome to the Home of Sexuals - move in, Gay Ass".

Not every time, just frequently enough that they die a little inside whenever I do.

Anyway, this is why I recommend having gay housemates.

This is an extremely specific vague, but anyone who complains about jumpstyle being too heavy on the right leg has clearly never trained on a track/had to balance their legs/done other dance practice.

You can switch legs, my guys. It's good for you.

normally i post a "happy pride" post but i must admit this was not a happy pride

My villain colour palette has updated from the previous black/red/silver/purple to its current black/grey/cyan/red.

Really enjoying my parm garlic edamame salad, tbh.

Z: Thanks for hanging out with me today, I really enjoyed it.
M: No problem, I had a good time, too!
Z: Even with all of my bad puns..?
M: ... It was still worth it.

A: M, you're low-key weird.
M: True.
Z: If M is *low-key* weird, I'm high-key weird and you're medium-key weird.
A: Did you just call me medium-key weird?!
Z: Y-
A: Aww, thank you.

Sometimes socializing is just you and your housemates sitting in the same room and sending each other memes.

Overcooked my instant ramen, a real personal tragedy.

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