And turns out right after switching to they dropped the ball with a bug that crashes the browser on start up if you've set up a Twitter web panel πŸ€” Meanwhile it seems Mozilla has fixed their shit, so back to that camp πŸ˜…

βœ… Use a password manager
βœ… Use 2FA
βœ… Stop using Admin account as my default on Windows
βœ… Use separate root password with sudo

Some things I've recently done that I feel I should've done long time ago and felt somehow more hard and annoying to do then they really were πŸ€”

It's a good day to work.. if I only could get out of my bed πŸ€”

Ah sun is shining, birds are singing, what a beautiful day to go to work πŸ€”

Anyone got experiences with on raspberry pi? Worth it?

First time seeing the music video for this, and I really like the style of it πŸ€”

I guess I need something to challenge myself, limits that would push me further and force me to be creative. πŸ€”

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My life is my fortress, I build it up as the years go by. Some things seem always out of reach, but still I find myself impressed of what I've gathered. I feel shadow of stagnation as I look of all the things I have and feel I've got everything I needed and everything I wanted in my grasp. Now I'm here with all the things I wanted, giving up on all the things that seem to hard to get πŸ€”

Kind of wanna fit my Hyperion with railguns and go die in a miserable fire πŸ€”

Speaking of handling Excel magic, here's a Finnish song about how cool the IT guys are at the office

I guess this is how it feels to try hand out flyers to people who are just passing by πŸ€”

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Ah, today just isn't my day to get replies πŸ€”

Sometimes I think of all the things I've said to people and feel like I've embarrassed myself on each word no matter the context. Then I stop thinking about past to keep sane πŸ€”

If your reading a book that has an interesting story and then something nice happens to the characters and it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy for like 5 minutes, what is that feeling? Cause if that is just plain happiness then I doubt anyone can say they are happy even fraction of their daily lives πŸ€”

Anyone with experience on buckling spring switches? Are they really *that* good?
I'm thinking of ordering one from UNICOMP but when review's praise them to high heavens I always get a bit skeptical. To quote:
"It has the same great mechanism that modern key switches can't really hope to re-create. If you've never type on a buckling spring keyboard before, its almost impossible to describe how good it feels. The keys just have smoothness that no modern mechanical key switch does."

Sometimes I feel that caffeine doesn't substitute for sleep πŸ€”

18.00 Saturday, thinking of getting up, feet still recovering from yesterday's floorball session, are sports all about getting used to the pain? πŸ€” Was fun though.

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