Happy final night of Hannukah to all who celebrate!

Glowing headbands that read your mood? Velcro slippers tracking toddlers' movements? Surveillance of children is getting more and more minute, and it's at to your child's school too. Support #FreeSoftware u.fsf.org/32h

People around the world use sites that rely on proprietary JavaScript - often without realizing it. Nonfree JavaScript subjugates users in the same way as any piece of proprietary software. We should reject it. fsf.org/campaigns/freejs

Chabad on the Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri, was ransacked by #antisemitic vandals this week during the holiday of #Hanukkah.

A fundraising campaign is now underway to cover the repair costs.

More details: t.co/0GvBxGo2b5 t.co/LSqeQljtvQ

Original Tweet: twitter.com/CombatASemitism/st

Varm & kall spiced apple wine with a touch of rum. Tried it both cold and warm. Cheers!

@dthompson Are you an actual tailor? I need some alterations.

If you make a videogame and it can't run on a laptop from a decade ago you did it wrong

New versions of Windows might change the UI or underlying components, but they don't change the only thing important to know about Windows: it's nonfree software. Choose software that actually respects its users instead. u.fsf.org/3eu

Our trick to live happily without refrigeration has been to center our meals around:

- A grain,
- A sprouted legume
- A pickled vegetable

new #blog post detailing how I do the do without the trappings of a smartphone:


"I love #FreeSoftware, therefore I host all my #FLOSS projects on a proprietary platform like #GitHub or #GitLab.com"

Not quite your opinion? Feel free to join Codeberg.org today, a growing community of #developers, #hackers and other Free Content creators.

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