Thanks to the recent Half Waif release, my playlist of month-songs is closer to complete. Suggestions for January, March, September, October welcome.

"However, one who answers that power is cumulative and is concentrated in the hands of a few groups or individuals is drawn to very different conclusions: ..."

It's A Wonderful Life season :) (link to the paper halfway through that article)

US politics, abortion 

On road helping another large company roll out web components globally. WC's are in so many more places than you think. 🎉🥳

How is Eldridge Cleaver a real person and how have I never heard of him before.

us politics 

6 months ago: Apartment complex stopped accepting any packages in the office, outsourcing to a third party.

Today: Said third party began to place advertising on my packages before delivering them.

No way to opt out. Remember, Millennials are the problem, definitely not surveillance capitalism :^)

If you can't draw a very hard line at isolating children for the crimes of their parents, without due process, with no good way to be reunited, then you have some serious introspection to do. Thank God that the Church recognizes that line. Granted it's out of order. But I feel like being pedantic is not the optimal strategy given the latter part of your CW and the former part of the post. This is the greatest content warning of All Time

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