So part of my job is selling kids clothes and overhearing parents' ideas about gender is pretty wild. I just overheard a white t-shirt with purple dinosaurs on being called "too girly". I've overheard a baby's onesie with flamingos on being called "too girly" as well. I've been asked if suitcases, backpacks and baby's toys are for girls or boys.

@oakreef it's a bit much. I couldn't help myself looking completely baffled when asked about the suitcase

@maggotboy listen I'm just gonna leave my son here while I grab a jamba juice. Can you identify everything too girly about him and replace it

@maggotboy at my old job I would ask people "so what color tissue paper do you want" when wrapping presents, and sometimes instead of answering people would say "it's for a boy" or "it's for a girl," and I eventually decided to just wrap presents 'for boys' with yellow (the 'girliest' color available) and the presents 'for girls' with blue in revenge

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