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πŸ’œ you all, thanks for existing as your real actual selves

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don’t apologize for your hearts y’all, they are beautiful

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if you fav 3 or more of my posts in a day we have to be friends, sorry, but it's the law

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Rain can be so nice in a way. It provides this comforting background, it changes how the world looks and feels. People tend to be out less, so it makes walking around a lot more quiet. Rain also can feel so refreshing to just walk in when my brain is all mixed and scrambled, it's just cool and calming. Rain is nice

here is the cover and table of contents page for my upcoming witch zine! it is 16 pages total, with 4 full illustrations, and a bunch of simple info for the season!

oh ya, it’s also gonna be free bc......why the heck not :blobcatmmm:

available next week in time for ostara :witchywink2:

someday i’m gonna go through all of my mutuals profiles one by one and type in all your switch friend codes. i swear it... *shakes fist ruefully at the setting sun*

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asgtl is hard to read... but in a good way. it hurts my body and heart

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Don't stop loving people. Loving people is good.

It's hard, but it's good. Love people.

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This is a place to go when you want FREEDOM.

Get things off your chest. Share your secrets with strangers. Scream into the abyss. Tell filthy jokes. Make a joke at all. <3