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Wachowskis please make another anything, I'll watch it

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Honestly wanna know if anyone is willing to share it, the moment when you realized you were a trans man, woman, Enby, gender fluid or agender or anything I mighta forgot because I wanna be 100% open and share stories. Lets try to give the folks who get little 'air time' though some air time. Which is why I am not gonna share my story for now.
But I will one day I promise if people are interested!

Also if you are questioning, that counts too, the moment of when you started questioning is valid

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gnight Fediverse

every day, we pick who we are out of the thousands of people we could have been

every night, we dream a few more options for the morrow

from where i stand it looks like y'all are doing a pretty good job at both, keep it up


we went to the children’s museum today and saw a friend and the baby had fun. some of the other moms gave me weird looks but some were really nice and talked to me. there was another trans parent there and they looked really anxious, but then they saw me and we did the eye contact thing and then later i caught them staring at me. i hope it was because i made them feel less alone. because that was how seeing them made me feel.

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doctor: you have anxiety
me: are you sure? what about these 23 very rare physical ailments. notice all of them mention headaches, which i have sometimes

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I’m domming all of you into loving and taking care of yourselves. I’m domming you all into having confidence in yourself and your abilities

i wasn’t feeling my best this morning but i found the motivation to push through it and decided to go out in a skirt despite the electrolysis stubble 🤘🏻 wish me luck

things that will never get old:

2. tummy butterflies. y’all know. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!


what's a good thing like google docs where a bunch of people can write together, but that doesn't require a google account?

things that will never get old:

1. reaching up to touch my face and feeling girl skin

the hairdresser at one point called me “only a little bit noodley” in reference to my build and i don’t think i’ve received such a compliment in my life

i got purple... but like... more purpler

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i’m gonna get a haircut today!!! but i don’t know what to get...

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