is there a solarpunk music genre? anyone want to start a solarpunk band?

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Hi yes solarpunk music sounds good!

I can do music production and acoustic or electrix gtr, bass, drums, vocals, violin, or composition of songs, lyric writing, synths, keyboard, and would be happy to work on songs together and play the roles most suited to the music!!!

@Food sweet! i’m probably like the worst person to actually lead this but i can bring the punk and some synths. i’m curious to see how much interest there is but i bet we can get a few people together at least.


For sure!

Do you want to work on just a quick track to start out?

I'm sure we could do one of those virtual band music video things when we find an animator lol, because we all may be in very different places in physical reality


And we don't need to follow any traditional format of a band either

We could come up with a common goal and then volunteer for roles and then just do them and without expectation as to how

Pick the direction first and then all go there

@Food yeah, that sounds fun! i’ll warn you that i’m not a professional musician at all, but i can make up for that with enthusiasm right?

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