i was thinking “i wish i could read something that said ‘there’s no wrong way to be yourself on social media’ because i really need to be reminded of that right now” and then i realized

i could just

@nova I wish I could believe this, but then I think about the hordes of people on social media who are just waiting for me or anyone else to say something "wrong" and dogpile, and that discourages me from posting anything.

@ND3JR That doesn’t mean that it is wrong to be yourself. 💜 Being yourself doesn’t mean your beliefs can’t be flawed or challenged. Staying open to communication and growth, while also recognizing and disengaging from those who have hostile intent, is an important part of practicing this for me. What I meant by this post is that I usually find that I am my own harshest critic and half the things I want to post I shut down before they even make it to a draft. that’s why I needed a reminder.

@nova You have a point. ANd really, I can relate to being one's harshest critic. I'm going through dealing with that right now.

Thanks for tooting that, by the way. <3

@ND3JR you’re welcome! i hope it helped in some small way and i hope you find clarity in your self questioning. i didn’t know how that post would be received (because i thought of the same criticism you mentioned, haha) but I knew it was true for me and i’m glad to see that it seems to be true for other people too. 💜

@nova ALthough I will add that it's much easier not to post anything at all than to post something that's controversial and deal with the criticism.

@ND3JR i lived this way for a long time and i’m trying to reverse it now because it led me to a very isolated and lonely place in life. self-censorship isn’t just something we do online, it affected my irl relationships even more severely. i’m trying to practice being more vulnerable, speaking my truth without being afraid of it, & not passing judgement on others. (i still suck at all of those things but that’s my goal.) i’m a lot happier & i’m finding that most of my fears are unfounded. (1/2)

@ND3JR I know that there are people out there who will disagree with me and try to tear me down. If I’m not true to myself when I speak then my insecurities will be laid bare and they will tear into them and it’ll feel awful. But if I am true to myself then their words can’t hurt me, because I will be able to see the difference between honest criticism vs. someone who is hurt and lashing out. (2/2)

@dch well i stole the cat from another motivational image so i would feel bad printing it! idk, if you wanted to print one yourself you probably definitely could!

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