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@nova Sleep deprivation is an interesting state, isn't it? Both clearer in some ways and fuzzy in others, time seems to move erratically. If such a state could be induced medically, it might be useful for therapy!

@WatchingWolf yeah, i experimented with a lot of ways to get into similar states. drugs, lucid dreaming, meditation, & hypnosis were all things that worked for me at different times in one way or another. my partner actually goes to a hypnotherapist every week who is professionally trained in inducing states that bypass vulnerability. it’s very cool tech. not at all like the cartoon version you see in media like Office Space or w/e

@nova Oh cool! I do a little of that with my therapist, forget exactly what it's called, but it involves stimulation that switches between right and left (provided by holding little vibrating devices in each hand). Though the main thing it's supposed to do is put me in a relaxed state where I can connect to old emotional states and hopefully process them. So far it has been helping!

@WatchingWolf bilateral stimulation? i’m pretty sure that’s exactly what my partner’s therapist does! cool! glad to hear it has been helping you 💜

@nova Yeah, that's it! We've been using it to find stuck emotional states from my childhood that may be behind a lot of my current depression, cool stuff! Good to hear it's helping your partner too!❤️

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