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coming out at work 

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i was thinking “i wish i could read something that said ‘there’s no wrong way to be yourself on social media’ because i really need to be reminded of that right now” and then i realized

i could just

twitter screenshot 

this drawing was inspired by my friend @madge and it's about community and growth and how we lift each other up to achieve something greater than any of us could alone.

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this has helped me get through more days than i can count (including today)

Finished some art for the first time a few months! Trying a few things differently with this one... for one thing, I usually post to a dedicated art account, but I think I'd rather just share it with y'all here. 😊

I also wrote a bit of background explaining the inspiration for this drawing. It's too long to include here so I'll just link my deviantart if you want to read it:

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