glad to see that, of all the mastodons i joined two years ago and never went back to, it's freedom horse that still lives

my partner is humming "she'll be coming around the mountain," arrow drawn, waiting to headshot someone in skyrim

this xena plot is totally the mom and daughter dating the same guy plot, but the mom is only doing it to make him seem less cool

is anyone else's clocks on here finally right today?

phd school bs 

So I'm going to be dropping a course soon, and it's so weird to not have ~150 pages to read this weekend on marx/weber/durkheim, like what do I do with my time?

I'm garbage when I have unstructured time, but this guy is an asshole and I gotta drop his class before I legit bop him in the face one of these days :|

academia subtweet 

i dont trust anyone who says "problematic" unironically


say "sucks"

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