Emotional rant 

It legit makes me so mad that I spent literally my entire childhood being separated from people and chastised for being “weird” when I dared attempt to interact with “normal” kids which has compounded my social disability and now I feel like a complete inept goon and I’m an enormous emotional burden on anyone who makes the mistake of trying to be friends with me

Emotional rant 

Does therapy actually help with that?? Because I feel like I want to just separate myself from everyone because being around people is so exhausting and I’m terrified of having to get in all of that practice in the hope of ~possibly~ making my social interactions slightly less painful

Emotional rant 

@jude idk, but six or sevenish months doing daily CBT checkins with woebot (free cbt chat bot, actually legit) *really* helped.

@snotskie thanks for the recommendation! The app asks for a referral code, do you have one you would like me to use?


@jude there's referral codes now? wow

I just use the facebook chatbot version, it sure has grown, good for them

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