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Subverting capitalism by whispering communist propaganda into the ears of babies which will remain in their subconscious minds forever as a bit.

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Conservatives are not allowed to read my jokes. Liberals can read my jokes only if they pay me money. Communists, laugh any time for free please.

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It's a shame that libertarians thirsting for Q drops have ruined conspiracy theories because looking at grainy videos for UFOs is good clean fun.

I had no idea so many cop bootlickers were here. Reconsidering my usage of the fediverse to get away from all the pigs.

"it's not a big deal to federate with cops"

-Somebody who hasn't gotten the piss beaten out of them by the police.

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Pol, Probably 

Working as a cop because you need the money is pretty bad. Working with cops and not even getting paid for it? lol You must be really dedicated.

FBI / Meta block admining 

current happenings notwithstanding, you should really be using something less public than mastodon to discuss sensitive matters.

you never know who is spidering the social graph, even if you aren't literally sending it out to the whole world as it by default does.

I dont see why a place full of communists would dislike having cops around :///////

Asking me to consider if the proud member of the FBI Infragard is perhaps himself the victim here gets the block too.

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Telling folks from communities that have been literally firebombed, kidnapped, and poisoned by the FBI that they don’t understand the subtlety of “Proud member of the FBI Infragard” is frankly racist and classist.

I would like to remind everyone that

I really wish I hadn’t sent the admin all my nudes and social security number and DNA test results.

sending a crime to the FBI guy so he has to arrest himself

@anarchiv no. the admin is a literal cop. this is what they posted. "proud member of the fbi"

a good thing to say to a dog who’s wagging their tail very hard and clearly excited to see you is “i’ve always got time for a fan”

Sorry that gets the block but I’m not into cops.

I am truly stupefied that Starbucks wifi doesn’t work at all on my Ubuntu laptop. Can Starbucks be this bad?

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