That meme with Jeb! winning every state but it's mastodon and pleroma both losing as Pixelfed becomes the new primary thing everyone uses to get on the fed of verse

@frinkeldoodle @zac @masklayer Okay maybe one of you knows. Is there a like service for PixelFed or an otherwise cheap way to host a PixelFed instance?

@ambassador @tibius they were asking if there was something like for Pixelfed instances, iirc was on (I think?) So I thought you might know if they also did those

@masklayer @tibius Not that we are aware of.

We are likely going to be deploying a Docker container Pixelfed instance ourselves...

@masklayer @tibius If you're looking for self-hosting...

We have docker images published for arm32 and arm64 that will let you run pixelfed on a raspberry pi, scaleway arm vps and similar

@cloud @masklayer Thank you, but I don’t have a connection for that though. Otherwise I’d already have a server up!

@tibius @masklayer Scaleway has ARM instances available for 2.99 EUR/mo 😉

Their smallest arm instances are 2Gb RAM + 50Gb of storage. And @dansup is working on S3 support which should help with storage needs.

If you'd like to walk that path it seems like may be considering similar options.
@tibius @dansup @masklayer 😉

All you'd need is Docker installed on the VPS (we have docs 😛 ) and from there it'd be a matter of deploying the Docker container.

Our goal is self-hosting on mini-computers like the raspberry pi but the Scalway and Amazon AWS ARM instances are 100% compatible with our Docker images (assuming you install Docker of course).

@cloud @masklayer @dansup Hrm, but since I can have Scaleaway running Linux why would I want Docker when I can just admin a Linux server?

@tibius @dansup @masklayer We're focused on providing a number of different services via Docker (for isolation and ease of deployment/updates mainly). That said: you don't have to....

You could easily deploy pixelfed on bare metal if you desired.

We are running regular builds of Pixelfed inside docker though which would allow you to automate updates with Watchtower (on our roadmap) or similar services.

@cloud @masklayer @dansup Ah ha. And you perform this act free of charge as a service to God and country?

@tibius @dansup @masklayer How so?

We're an open source project. We aren't charging for our output..

Just a group of kind hearted volunteers interested in helping others self-host in a variety of situations.

I've got some spare space on my server, if you want to go into some PWYW arrangement I can get you hooked up with a Pixelfed instance

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