Folks talk about echo chambers but really online we’re exposed to way more different ideas and points of view than, say, boomers who live their entire lives in the suburbs or in the country and get all their ideas from TV. It’s just that we’re better at quickly identifying the ideas that are crap and blocking them.

The idea that you can’t just block people is such a TV idea. It’s an ethic absorbed from high school where it’s your moral duty to sit and absorb thoughts from whoever is talking and just standing up and leaving is a crime.

You can mute or block anyone you want for any reason. You can put any e-mail into your spam folder. You can ignore anything you feel like and not be an ethical failure. You can hear an idea and reject it and it shouldn’t really take that long to identify the bad ones.

@tibius We used to call it a killfile. We owe our attention to no one.

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