mastodon seems fairly tech/programmer/web dev focused overall, so a lot of what y'all post is totes lost on me, but if anyone wants to talk old synths, drum machines or samplers from the 80s, MIDI, analog everything, cassettes, sequencers etc. that's my shit right there

@connor oh! so, i think the most *fun* drum machine i have is probably the 606, but i love the Vermona MKIII bc it's so versatile. If I had the extra cash I'd get a 909 though :)

@connor What is your favorite drum machine? Do you make music?

@toilettrouble I do make music (sometimes)! I can't afford to buy a real drum machine, so I've mainly been playing with filtering sampled 808/909s in weird ways. I mainly play with analog synths because I have friends who buy them. Playing with a Taurus III right now!

@connor that's awesome! I've never used one of those, but i've seen demos of it on youtube. also, if you are ever looking for an affordable drum machine, Korg's Volca Beat and Volca Kick are really great, ~120-150 each. I use them a lot as well. also, Teenage Engineering has their little handheld synth pocket operator line for ~70 bucks each and they sound great.

@toilettrouble yeah I've really been looking at the pocket operators. The KO looks super neat.

@toilettrouble yeah I've really been looking at the pocket operators. The KO looks super neat.


Actually there was a new instance that was spun up SPECIFICALLY for that sort of thing :)

please stand by while I scroll back to ancient history -.-


dangit... missed it by THAT much :D

A friendly place in the fediverse for discussing music recordings.

Run by the very awesome @djsundog

@banjofox @toilettrouble i read this and immediately thought of pointing you to mr sundog

not at all surprised he already has a whole server for this stuff



A friendly place in the fediverse for discussing music recordings.

@toilettrouble analog stuff is fun, I've been cleaning up some old Technics cassette decks lately 📼

@butthead awesome! i wish i knew more about cleaning and repairing cassette decks.... it seems daunting. I've done minor fixes here and there but nothing more than that.

@ajroach42 thanks! someone *just* tipped me off on that and I promptly joined :)

@meff I've got a room full of old synths and drum machines, all going into an old analog mixer, mixed down to a 4-track and mastered on cassette. it's a long, rewarding process that involves me looking at no screens at all, which is heaven.

@toilettrouble damn son, I actually like working on Ableton, but I'm also too cheap to have much by way of actual equipment. Why don't you do the mixing on a computer at least? But eh I mean whatever works for you

@meff i used to use a computer/Ableton for everything; mixing, recording, live shows.... i got burned out on it and wanted to use my hands and my ears rather than a mouse and my eyes. it just feels more intuitive to me. i like tinkering, too, so that's absolutely part of it, but the chaotic uncertainty of non-digital appeals to me more these days

@toilettrouble would you compromise with controllers + ableton? I totally agree that mousing is a lot shittier than having actual control surfaces, but like I have a small midi keyboard, and a midi controller. My typical workflow is to have those 2 setup on my desk and have my headphones in, and to bump surfaces as I work.

@meff Back in the day I used an APC-40, an M-Audio triggerfinger (like an MPC) and an M-audio O2 keyboard for my live stuff. I wanted to really understand synthesis at the time, so I gradually started acquiring old gear and learning it, and I feel like although Ableton is great for what it is, I was just ready for a different approach. Hardware is totally not for everybody... it can get pretty frustrating at times, but it's really grown into part of my sound.

@toilettrouble I like cassettes and CDs, and ever since apple deleted thousands of my songs I decided to just only buy music that way. I also have run my own pirate radio station before although it was very low-powered. I also built the radio transmitter myself.

@toilettrouble I just rip the CDs in high quality .ogg format and listen to them on my MP3 player or computer or whatever. I've also made my own cassette mixtapes (think like a club set with turntables).

@Sadshark i love making cassette mixes to sell at my shows afterwards, or just to give to friends :) i moved to buying all vinyl first, cassettes second and CDs third years ago because i like interacting with the physical media

@Sadshark that's so rad! how hard is it to do? i've always wanted to run a pirate radio station

@toilettrouble Well it's not hard if you want to just buy a premade transmitter (which I can send a link for p.s. the seller does not ship to the UK even though he's based there LOL because laws).

On the other hand, building your own transmitter is tricky but I made one on a small breadboard circuit which simplifies the process (also I can send the link I used on how to build a breadboard transmitter too if you're interested).

@toilettrouble Ah yes, well, I have a handful of sources and I'll get back to you with them in a minute

@toilettrouble Okay so here is the video on how to make a breadboard transmitter (however, if you want to actually record audio from a line-in source like an mp3 player or computer you'll need to hook that up a different way without a mic)

@toilettrouble Don’t worry, in my own TL and followers I have a few people who would be interested in that kind of stuff. I boosted your toot, so they can see it! 😉

@toilettrouble You’re welcome! In fact, although I don’t much to say, I will be interested to read about all that!

@toilettrouble I won't have much to say, but I don't mind hearing about it 😁

@shoutcacophony @toilettrouble @Ratttz @wohali @plibbity was playing with a whippany rhythm master rm-10 the other day when i was recording my friend who makes drone

old gear is my fave shit to encounter, despite limitations

@shoutcacophony @toilettrouble @wohali @plibbity @Micro_Colossus ssssssup i'm more digital music production these days because i'm too poor for hardware synths, or more accurately, that pile of funds is accumulating for an OP-1 hopefully soon.

@toilettrouble @Ratttz @shoutcacophony @plibbity @Micro_Colossus

I'm also doing less and less software stuff, so I'm on your side here. Thanks for tagging me!

i'm also a musician! Currently working on a collab for A Whale's Lantern, the collaborative Mastodo album coming out in a bit over a month. In the studio right now.

Would love to hear your music. My last album is here:

if you have hw questions, hit me up - i'm also an EE who repairs and designs synth stuff.


thank you for sharing! this is great so far! i'm adding it to my queue to listen to later when I'm not at work and can focus more

here's a link to my music:

what kinds of synth stuff do you design? i'd love to see/hear it :)

also, do you live in the PNW at all? i have a laundry list of synth repairs that i need to get taken care of, and i'm on the hunt for a good local tech :P

@toilettrouble Awesome, I'll check out your album later. I can't really listen to music while at work either :)

I really need to get my projects online. My current thing is a tube-based modular oscillator. I also have some more secret stuff that is still under wraps!

Sadly (for you) I live in Toronto, Canada. I have lots of friends in the PNW, though; if I get out that way anytime soon, I'll mention it on here. Perhaps I could make a quick house call! 👩‍⚕️ 💊

@wohali thank you so much for offering, that would be awesome!

so like a tube VCO? that sounds really cool (and a little dangerous, haha) do you do mostly modular stuff? that's a rabbit hole i've been reluctant to dive into.

@toilettrouble Tubes are fun, but you do have to be careful!

I'm only recently doing modular stuff, simply because it's a smaller unit of work, so I can finish faster. :)

@toilettrouble My home is rife with new synths and drum machines not from the 80s, but I don't know how to talk about anything about them or the music they contribute to.

@toilettrouble I don't know a darn thing about any of that, but I like how they sound and I like hearing about them.

@bstacey that's where i started out, then i fell down a rabbit hole and that's it :)

@toilettrouble I don't know much about old synths but I've played with VHS signal glitching in an artistic capacity, and find the whole topic interesting even when I don't understand it... which I guess is the reverse of your situation!

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