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hey for real if any of you live in or pass by st louis, please let me know. i'd very much like to hang out!!

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But What Can Following Zoey Get *Me*?

great question. following zoey on mastodon unlocks the following features:

• Updates when Zoey is horny, stoned, or both

• Constant information about Zoey, as provided by Zoey

• A weird amount of selfies

• Insecurity about probably being a furry

• Buckets of blood mailed to your home

• Bic pen slash fic on request

• envelopes of blood under your pillows

• owls flying into your home dropping an m80
strapped to a blood balloon

• spotify playlists

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intro post:
i'm the tiger-riding queen of a dark skeleton army and i live in a spiral tower

dysphoria, money, asking for money? 

money; request for assistance, :boost_ok:​ 

so if i were to leave mastodon, what social media would i go to, next? im like, hearing hints of stuff happening and i'm already getting ready for the next exodus

@zoey this is my AD account
I just don't post because I'm a pure, incorruptible spirit and therefore have no need for nudes

I guess this is now an alt account for @zoey . Wtf do i use this one for

re: #Commission stuff, #mastoart i guess? 

#Commission stuff, #mastoart i guess? 

ec? selfie? ugh, me 

say what you will about young children, but i'm pretty sure i could take one

@root @zoey this is really, really fucking relatable hel

hahahaha omgg i felt so bad tonight because i had a quick thing tonight and like 3 of mny convos had responses and i couldn't really respond at the time and i was like frick frick

my hobby is talking to people and incessantly tabbing between all my conversations despite knowing no one responded yet

is it just me or has mastodon been especially good lately

i can't my finger on why, it just feels like it's been so pleasant this month

was tooting at animal crossing with a demand to let us play as animals and went down

those cowards can't silence me

good morning!!
i hope your day is wonderful.

@zoey I'm not sure if me getting pinged 500 times is the biggest problem in that mass DM :hotboi:

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