i sorta hate "let me google that for you" - both the site and the general attitude that led to that.

Yeah, it's super easy to google shit and learn immediately, but if I'm asking you for information, we're interacting. I'm requesting your answer, not google's.

If you don't wanna answer, that's cool, but all this "google it, moron" stuff sucks - not everything is about robotic efficiency.

@zoey also google is terrible

let me bunbungo that for you

@zoey yeh I used to say this but not out of spiteful annoyance but because I'm great at searching.

I just changed it to "I don't know but I'll search to see if I can find anything"

@zoey There are absolutely contexts for that, though — I get asked so many dipshit questions on Grindr about *basic* queer terminology that I'd be sitting on it all day being a human Urban Dictionary if I didn't just lmgtfy people.

@zoey I agree. What a dickish way to respond to a question

@zoey honestly if i ask someone about something im looking for an answer and an interaction with another person.

@zoey Same tbh. I know I could google it myself. I often do. If I'm asking, it's because I'm interested in someone's particular take on it.

@zoey it tells you that the person doesn't want to talk to you, which is useful to know.

@zoey Also 9 times out of 10 if you think someone is asking a stupid question, you misunderstood the question. It's a stupid presumption to assume the other person didn't google it already, and clearly that didn't answer their question, so it might be more complex than you initially think. And even if it does answer their question, not everyone gets the same google results for the same searches and you have to already know the topic a bit to know what to search for.

@zoey There's a special place in hell for people who post LMGTFY links on support sites, right along with snarky moderators who lock threads before the question's answered. No, this question isn't a duplicate of that other thread, you just misunderstood the question you smug asshole. Fuck you power tripping mid-2000's forum moderators, you ruined search results for me countless times.


also "how do i fix this [operating system] issue"
'get [other operating system], lol this is now preserved for anyone what shares your problem'

@zoey @lynnesbian I like this take. This is why I answer linguistics questions when my wife's coworkers call me randomly about them. I hadn't thought of it in these terms and I love this articulation of it.

@zoey same energy as when my cousins handed me a copy of “poker for dummies” when i asked to play with them at age 9

"let me google that for you" Show more

They google because they don’t know the answer but still want to give you the information. the time equivalent would be.....wait here I’ll go check the library *runs to library* [montage of person sitting at table reading one book with two stacks of a bunch of books] {two days later still standing in same spot} *running to you to give you information* I GOOOOOTTT ITTT!!!!!........what was the question again? Show more

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