i just shared a story i think is worth sharing with any freelancers or artists or programmers.

So, most of my adult life, i was a freelance graphic designer/web developer. and like most, i had serious issues with being paid fairly. I would show up to meet clients with a lappy and show my work and/or mockups. Everyone insisted on paying me completely undervalued amounts. this includes "pay you in experience."


I've always thought nontangible work gets undervalued, so i tried something. I commissioned the printing of a book with my (admittedly not good) work. People immediately started offering way more. Like, DRASTIC changes.

Since then I've done shit like printing out site screenshots, and refused almost any job with a client who wouldn't meet in person.

if i could, i should have programmed objects. I used those nsfc stickers and my shit code got overvalued.


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people mentally distance themselves from the internet so much. A thing on your screen is just something on the internet. nobody thinks that hard about the construction of it, unless they themselves work online.

i mean, shit. explain to me how internet friends aren't real friends, or why trolling is different than saying it to someone's face

My internet friends _are_ my real friends. But so many people in my life don't seem to understand that.

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