which two of the seven deadly sins do you feel best represent you?

@zoey um, uh, the first and the *checks smudged writing on the back of my hand* fifth????

@it hmm

as of this year, probably lust and sloth

before that, gluttony and sloth

I gotta disagree with you on sloth hun. Just cuz you do nothing outside of work doesn't mean ur lazy, it just means you work yourself to death on 14 hour days and spend all ur energy up there.

@it i appreciate that hun, but i was unemployed for nearly two years and my complete lack of moderation definitely extends to my complete distaste for leaving my bed

Oh hey fair enough. Also mood same but I blame my brain problems more than laze but valid tho

@zoey Lust and gluttony.

Or, if I'm taking the concept of sin more seriously and thinking about my actual moral failures, sloth and pride.

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