hey have any of you ever tried to check for mold or such in an apartment? i've been disoriented lately and want to totally verify the air in my home isn't killing me. getting the maintenance on it might be counterproductive unless i have proof.

anyway, that's my point. anyone know some good, reliable home tests?

oh, before i sound too alarming: i have a place to stay if things got too bad, so i'm not in danger of dying in my sleep. but i have strong suspicions it's unsafe.

@zoey i would be far more worried about carbon monoxide, do u have a detector in ur house? if not & if u are getting like, headaches and disoriented, pls consider investing, its a Thing


i um
i bought one but i still gotta buy batteries for it today ;~;

the fact that i had to buy one alone made me super suspicious. like, clearly they're not putting in any effort. there was a smoke detector but it was stuck to the wall like paint and had no battery, so

yeah probably a good idea to make sure they aren't poisoning me

@zoey @scribblefrog stuck to the wall and no battery may be a wired-in smoke detector (some have battery backup, which would explain an empty battery slot); might be worth a push of the test button…

@AmazingDoubt @scribblefrog

nah, it was just a shitty alarm. i put a battery in and it's working now at least!

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