This is a fascinating and horrifying author meltdown about the possibility of a bad review. Holy don’t do this, Batman. What really killed me was this. I’ll bet libraries also often put Klein next to King...


The glowing reviews do indeed exist, but uh, they're like kids' book reports. Worth a google.

I dunno what to think. If you paid for a good review, I assume you'd get something more competently written, to put it rudely. But uh, it's funny how his totally unremarkable job has as much importance in this bio and the one on Amazon. His biblography goes to a dead link.


"So allow me to give you a few hints right now about Hell's Shadows - this isn't a ghost story.  heh heh heh  And did I mention the novel's undercurrent lovestory? Yes, a love story set in a haunted house. No hot sex, though. Gil and Robin don't have time for that. They're too busy trying to stay alive."

oh my

"Personalinterests beyond writing include the study of vocabulary (now in excess of60,000 words), video games, crossword and other kinds of puzzles, baseball, visiting the South Seas, Lotus and Jaguar cars,the game of bridge, daily exercise, collecting exotic plants and taking care of his best-of-house wire-hair fox terrier."

@zoey how could someone with such a rich, full life have time for that letter? By not proofreading, evidentally. Also, god, his other books are something. (example under the cw) 

@zoey the use of "times it by" is a thing I do in colloquial speech but like if this guy is gonna be pedantic -- it's terrible formal writing

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