ec? selfie? ugh, me 

the face of insomnia

i should really sleep but instead here's a completely pointless of me trying
im bored

ec selfie, ootd? 

i dunno about these jeans anymore, but hi hello

a new challenger rises in the basic-est bitch in the universe competition

selfie, ec 

turns out "red" hair dye means "red red", not "redhead red"


Graphic designer at Nintendo: "okay i know there's like a 0% chance that you can make something invisible but what if-

I have a paycheck, AND I got to sign my real name on it! This would blow 2016 Zoey's mind clear across the room.


more millennial bashing, absolutely mindblowing victim blaming 

haha WHAT

also i flatly refuse to entertain the notion that over half of millennials believe they'll be millionaires. that fails the most basic smell test.

selfie, hair paranoia, hairanoia 

i lost some hair taking this picture. woof.

im not freaking out, but it's like watching a candleflame suddenly ignite a curtain.

i guess it doesnt look TOO bad in the photo, but iiiii should do something. crumbs.

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my new aesthetic is squitter from donkey kong country 2

selfie, ec 

bored waiting for my boyfriend. sup mastoheads

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