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is it just me or has mastodon been especially good lately

i can't my finger on why, it just feels like it's been so pleasant this month

was tooting at animal crossing with a demand to let us play as animals and went down

those cowards can't silence me

good morning!!
i hope your day is wonderful.

@zoey I'm not sure if me getting pinged 500 times is the biggest problem in that mass DM :hotboi:

@zoey @tom it was extremely good and also you might end up in skeleton hell jail

i accidentally just dm'd eugen nearly five hundred times because i fucked up a mass dm

i had to try to stop it sending by manically mashing the cancel button

me into a megaphone: ask me about hating batman

Literary Critique 

@smolshrew a man who has chosen to represent himself with a tiger shirt holds up a bag displaying the image of a chicken. We're left to assume that the bag itself does, in fact, contain chicken - chicken sandwiches, to be specific. This is a pretty obvious conclusion, and it's entirely thanks to the image of the chicken.

In the attached text, the author makes a point of presenting himself as a straight man. Instead of "throwing his sanity," he claims to be continuing to hold onto it, despite the fact that this claim of sanity happens to be directly sandwiched between two completely nonsensical statements. By what metric did your race build half the world? Why can LGBT+ people only exist thanks to white people? Through his constant statements of hatred, we are led to question his ability to form rational thoughts.

So what is the author conveying with these symbols?

It seems what he's holding onto is, in fact, a chicken sandwich - that is to say, fear and lies inside complete and utter nonsense. But why is he doing this? The chicken on the bag seems to answer our question. By clutching onto his nonsense, he is advertising an obvious cowardice. One we cannot directly see, but that the viewer can safely assume is there. His attempt to label himself as a fearsome beast is completely pointless.

We are left with one demand to make of this individual. Throw the bag! Confront your fears!

Truly, the author of this short story is a master. I applaud his contribution to the world of literature.

ugh i want my fully modular robot bod already. give me a flying medusoid body, give me tank treads, give me specialized appendages for every conceivable use case. if i can't rebuild my entire physical form from the ground up to suit my mood, i don't want it

okay, so i don't want EVERY toot i make into a commercial for my cult, but

art is kind of exhilarating because of the clumsy way you learn about it. it's like science for something nontangible. you can't be like, "well 120 /66 = 1.81, so we can see here that the camera should be at this spot."

It's completely based off our gut and how we FEEL. and we try to understand everything about it and develop on what we've learned "feels" good

which i guess makes art more religion than science

idioms are like micro fables.

as the crow flies has satisfying imagery and we use it because of that reason.

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as much as i like saying it, "deep into the weeds" is a very bad turn of phrase. like it doesn't make sense.

you kinda know that the metaphorical weeds are problems or details, but 'weeds' do not evoke 'detail' nearly as much as 'irritant, blotch, problem'. It is not a pleasing metaphor. and when you think about it, isn't that what all of these idioms boil down to?

like for real, just bells. you know, any bell

what isn't improved by adding a bell? bikes, my backpack, towers, everything

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anyone who says they don't like bells is a coward and a pervert

capitalism, lgbtq+ stuffs 

i mean, it's not your job to fix cishets and all that. i'm just saying: there are people who are really are buying gillette now because it made a commercial. we're not so much a group to market to, as we are a marketing strategy.

right now we're in a system that encourages buying things and feeling satisfied instead of taking action, so the best thing an ally can learn is to like, you know, be an ally instead of just owning things with a rainbow on it. it's a fair argument to say that simply showing support for lgbtq+ folks does something, but does it, actually? Is it really dissuading harm? a rainbow iphone case really just says "i support whoever is most marketable", effectively. it's inherent to the system they're (literally) buying into.

it doesn't really demonstrate support for those who would make cishets uncomfortable, because sympathetic portrayals by corporations are always going to be what's most easily digestible and non-subversive. the queers you know likely aren't going to be the pretty skinny women kissing on the lips, the trans people are either going to look like they'd pass. at its most radical, you might see a genderqueer person who basically looks like a model. but even that shit is reserved for like, a cover story on Time or something that's trying to evoke a "wild" identity.

this matters because it's passively enforcing what's "acceptable."

so um, i guess the moral here is that this stuff matters and it's not just "gosh mastercard is so annoying for buying ads here." It's creating a profitable, comfortable space for Normals just by existing, because it'll keep adding to the public perceptions that are creating our new norms. and the whole point of this stuff is that there shouldn't be norms to restrict people into in the first place.

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tossing my phone into a lake to ensure all the girls who live online get hydration

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